At the age of two, the remarkable girl earned her first job: she defied all norms.

A small girl with Down syndrome signed a modeling contract with two agencies in 2015. According to their employees, it’s all because of the baby’s cheeky smile.

Connie Rose Seaborn is the name of this young lady. She was the first child to receive two contracts at the age of less than two years.
It all started when her mother was told by friends and neighbors about Connie Rose’s odd appearance and that she should become a model.

Julie sent photos to three different agencies. Soon after, one of their officials contacted her and invited her to take part in a trial photo shoot to see how the girl would react in front of the cameras.

Julie stated in an interview that she had notified the agencies that Connie Rose had Down syndrome, but none of them were interested. She also expressed anxiety about this sickness more than the others.

Doctors made this diagnosis when the girl was only 2 weeks old. Julie says that this was not a surprise to her, because during pregnancy, the doctors said that there was a high risk of having a baby with Down syndrome.

“We weren’t worried,” Julie says. “I have acquaintances and friends who are raising special children.” “These children just need love and care, just like any other.”

Surely, everyone is interested in how the girls behaved during the test shootings.

«She loved it at first sight,» Julie said of it. At a certain point, the girl knows where to turn. Connie Rose had a lot of fun posing for the cameras. We were probably offered two contracts at the same time as a result of this.

Mom also states that if Connie decides she does not want to be a professional model, she will support her daughter in her decision.

«As soon as this job becomes too difficult or she simply does not like it, we will stop working with agencies,» Julie explains.
Concerning the girl’s illness, her mother claims that she received so much assistance from relatives and friends shortly after the birth that she did not notice how she coped with the most difficult phase in the baby’s life. Mom claims that the condition has no bearing on the girl’s fate. She will determine her identity.

Julie claims that she has no trouble raising her daughter, although she does have some issues with educational institutions.

The young model’s mother is currently involved in humanitarian work. She visits hospitals and families with children with Down syndrome to discuss how to live with this condition.

«Most parents believe that raising such a child is extremely difficult and that it is necessary to try to cure it, but this is not the case.» «I try to explain to them that special children bring even more happiness to their parents.»

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