He takes a fake trumpet when he hears a jazz band and utterly steals the show.

When you’re listening to a ripping brass band, it’s difficult to sit still.

Stefanie Anthony of Pensacola, Florida, observed this firsthand when visiting New Orleans when her toddler son came across a bunch of street musicians and couldn’t help but join in.

Stefani and her one-year-old son, Boone, were strolling through Jackson Square when they heard some lively music. The Where Ya At Brass Band was performing when the family came across them. Stefani immediately discovered that simply observing the musicians was insufficient for young Boone when they paused to listen for a moment.

The child hurried up to the strangers who were playing and grabbed the first thing that looked like a trumpet he could find. A friend began recording as Boone tooted on his fake horn, attracting the attention of the band’s trumpet player. The band member sat close to the young boy as he blew his trumpet, giving him a bird’s-eye view of his fingers.

The video is short, but watching the tiny kid sway his hips to the music is hilarious! The band members appear to be as thrilled by their small admirers as the observers, and it’s easy to see why. Boone has a strong musical taste! As soon as possible, get that kid a trumpet!

Stefani posted the video on her Facebook page with the following caption:

Our 1-year-old baby boy went out on Jackson Square and ‘played’ with an incredible band in front of a large crowd. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, with so many people smiling and cheering for Boone. Show these guys some love by going to their Where Ya At Brass Band page! They are available for every event! We’re so delighted we found out who they are.

The love of music appears to be something we are born with. Let’s hope Stefani gets Boone some music lessons to help him discover his natural passion of jazz!

Watch Boone pretend to play his horn in the video below, and please share.

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