To celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary, the couple performed a wild boogie woogie. Watch the hilarious video below…

Dietmar and Nellia gathered all of their friends and family members for a solemn 30th-anniversary celebration of their marriage. But everyone who came to the event was in for a huge surprise. Ditmar and Nellia ultimately made their way to the center of the dance floor, The music started playing, and the couple swiftly trounced all of the service guests with one really combustible boogie-woogie! You should see this incredible room. If you enjoy the video, please share it with your friends! The consequences of two recent incidents.

Movement, according to studies, helps more experienced adults improve their balance and gait speed. Furthermore, the authors of the study believe that this will reduce the likelihood of falling and guard against serious injuries, the treatment of which is extremely difficult for adults. In less than two months, researchers developed 18 dance pictures for a special program for the elderly. She used a variety of dances and choreographic elements. «We’ve seen how dancing therapy may help.

Walking and regaining equilibrium are the key risk factors for a fall, according to focus on inventor John Crump in an interview with Sciencedaily. At the end of the program, the participants conveyed their intention to their dance team. According to Crump, they love it. According to University of Hertfordshire scientists, not all older people are eager to take the dance floor. Males with greater experience are more certain and cheerful, whereas women are actually very tricky.

Watch the amazing video here:

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