The Craziest Golden Buzzer Ever Has Judges Crying Happy Tears | VIDEO

As adults, many of us can attest that seeing children play brings us immense joy. Observing their recreational actions frequently brings back memories of our own youth, which we tend to remember as carefree and cheerful when viewed through the prism of nostalgia. Furthermore, seeing youngsters enjoying their games can evoke good emotions in adults such as delight, excitement, and a soothing warmth.

Furthermore, studies show that seeing children play can have a favorable effect on adults’ emotions and overall well-being. For example, research have shown that interacting with children can significantly lower stress while increasing emotions of happiness and contentment.

However, there are times when the joy of seeing children play is so powerful that it nearly overwhelms us. A similar scenario can be seen in a video in which judges are overcome with joy when they witness the audacious performance of the Flakefleet Primary School choir. What appears to be a simple singing performance quickly morphs into something far more deep. «That was absolute chaos and absolute joy,» judge Alesha Dixon commented.

Another judge, David Williams, agreed, saying, «You’re just one of the most joyous things I’ve ever seen,» immediately before pressing the famous Golden Buzzer to send them to the semi-finals! The sheer joy on their expressions is contagious, and spectators can’t help but smile. Please watch the complete video below to witness this touching event in its entirety, and consider posting a Facebook comment to express your thoughts!

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