In the middle of his daughter’s performance, Dad dashes to the stage, and this is what happens…

Mark Daniels saved his daughter and became a household name as a result of this loving act. Mark Daniels has risen to prominence in the parenting community in an instant. Many people were affected by his incredible love for his daughter. But what exactly happened to produce these feelings in people? At the dress rehearsal, his daughter appeared a little overwhelmed. Daniels’ two-year-old daughter was in trouble.

Isabella was experiencing stage fright. Isabella sobbed instead of dancing with her companions, huddled up on the floor. Offstage, her father sought but failed to calm her. Daniels, a burly Bermuda lawyer, was caught off guard by a backstage crash. He was aware that more action was needed.

Father saves the day. He decided he needed to pay a visit to his small daughter, so he went. Daniels discovered the angry daughter among all these small ballerinas.

Dad even started to perform dance routines to assist his daughter feel more at ease on stage.

Watch the video here:

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