The cat chose to remain near the ailing grandmother who raised her…

In 2014, Alexis Hackney and her family spotted Trooper the cat while flipping a house. Hackney decided to bring the kitten, who was just two weeks old.

Hackney’s mother, Sarah Whaley, was overjoyed to meet the kitten. The 96-year-old kitty started feeding the kitten with a bottle and adored the tiny one. They rapidly become inseparable pals. Whaley liked to have Trooper bring him everything. She brought numerous items, the most important of which were socks, and set them near Whaley’s bed.

Whaley, on the other hand, became ill and had to spend time in bed. Whaley’s health deteriorated, but the cat remained. The kitten didn’t fight back as the old woman squeezed her while hugging her. She was aware of what was going on, as evidenced by the kitten’s expression.

Whaley died in March, and her best friend’s heart was devastated. She dashed away and hid under the bed.

Hackney, however, brought the cat and indicated that the woman was no longer present in order to prevent lying to her magnificent animal. Trooper began to feel better, but she would never forget her mother. She did bring some socks and whatever she found near Whaley’s bed, though.

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