The cat-obsessed pit bull has won the lottery: five kittens to care for and play with.

Ozzy is a fictional character. He’s a Southern California pit bull. By being gentle, amiable, and social, Ozzy defies all stereotypes about his ostensibly violent breed. He enjoys both humans and animals. In fact, it is said that if a burglar entered into the house, Ozzy offered to carry the torch for him! He was adopted three years ago and has thrived on receiving (and giving) tons of love from his new human parents and their three children since then.

Ozzy, on the other hand, had a serious complaint: he wanted an animal companion. Maybe a cat: they seem like a lot of fun. There was already a cat named Norm in the house when Ozzy came, but he had nothing to do with the canine intruder. «The grouchy old man just tells him to fluff off,» Jennifer Lajeniss, their human mother, put it.

Ozzy’s years of pain have thankfully come to an end. Jennifer became increasingly concerned about the welfare of a pregnant stray cat in the neighborhood. As a result, they adopted the cat, whom they called Winnie. Five kittens were quickly added to the family’s animal roster.

Ozzy, the pit bull that was infatuated with cats, was pleased. He’d rush over whenever he heard one of the kittens mewing to check on them. He’d lick them, too, like a mother cat! «He’s been so happy since we let him interact with the kittens,» Jennifer adds. Ozzy’s reputation as an affectionate uncle doesn’t worry Winnie. In fact, she relishes rubbing up against him to express her gratitude.

Watch the video below to see this huge pit bull act like a mother cat. Four of the kittens have already found new homes, but Winnie and Troublemaker (one of the kittens) will remain with the family.

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