WATCH: A video of an autistic woman’s service dog calming her down after a panic attack has gone viral for good reason |

A woman from Australia is wowing social media users with a video of her service dog protecting her after a panic attack.
Hayley Martin currently resides in Sydney, Australia. She has autism and suffers from severe panic episodes at times. These attacks used to be extremely dangerous for her, but she now has a unique dog named Marley who greatly assists her.

Hayley and Marley met in May 2018, and Marley has significantly improved her mental health. Hayley stated in 2019, «This dog has saved my life.» He’s turned into my assistance dog. He’s given me back my life and made me more self-sufficient.»

When Hayley is suffering a panic episode, Marley is quick to notice. He takes steps to reassure her and keep her safe. Hayley posted a video on Facebook of Marley assisting her during one of these instances.

Hayley becomes increasingly agitated in the video. She scrapes and beats her legs in an attempt to relax, then Marley does something extraordinary. Even if Hayley tries to push him away, he places his paw on her palm. He eventually jumps on her lap to offer her a «forced hug» and licks her tears away. Hayley appears to be unhappy, but she begins to feel better and hugs Marley.

«I’m so thankful to have this boy every single day,» Hayley added. This video was difficult to share because it is more serious than the others.

But I want to show people how much dogs can help.” It’s a beautiful bond between them, and it teaches us all about the caring and support animals can give, even when we push them away.

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