A Trooper stops a woman for speeding, but then the unthinkable happens! Check Out The Complete Story Here!

We’ve all heard the expression «A picture is worth a thousand words.» This photo of a state officer and a father in North Carolina has gone viral on social media.

Let’s look at what transpired. Dr. Ashlye Wilkerson was on her way home from Duke University Hospital in Durham. Her father was being treated for stage four colon cancer. However, while driving through Rowan County, she was stopped for speeding by a trooper from the NC State Trooper.

The trooper approached her car and issued her a ticket. Despite his exhaustion from chemo, Wilkerson’s father, Deacon Anthony Geddis, spoke up for his daughter. «This is my baby girl; she’s driving me back home from treatment; I had chemo,» he explained.

Jared Doty, the trooper, returned to his car. But Geddis’ remarks had an impact on him. Doty, you see, had health difficulties as well. He developed ulcerative colitis and needed surgery to have his colon removed.

«At the time, I knew there was no way I was writing this lady a ticket,» Doty explained. I had to sit in there for a while simply to gather my thoughts before deciding what to say when I returned.»

So, he went back to Wilkerson’s car and asked Geddis, “Sir, do you mind if I ask what kind of cancer you have?”

Geddis answered, “No, I don’t mind. I have colon cancer.”

Then, Doty took a deep breath and asked if he could pray for him. Geddis was happy to accept. He said, “Of course, I absolutely believe in prayer.”

They both held hands, bowed their heads, and started praying. Doty said, “Father in Heaven…”

Doty gave Geddis something after the prayer. He informed him, «I just wanted you to know that you have someone else praying for you on your journey.»

Dr. Wilkerson captured this wonderful moment on her smartphone. Unfortunately, her father died two months later. She published the photo to honor her father and to demonstrate the trooper’s kindness.

This story shows how, in a world full of diversity, moments of understanding and kindness can bring people closer together.

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