There are approximately 100 persons on our planet who have this syndrome, and she is one of them…

How often do we want to complain about insignificant things, grumble, and neglect to express gratitude? The hair may not be styled as we desired, or the curls may not last very long, leaving us unhappy in the morning. Sheela Calvert-Yin, a 10-year-old Melbourne resident who suffers from uncombable hair syndrome, is a one-of-a-kind individual, therefore discussing it with her is pointless.

Sheela was one of the 100 or so people on our planet who suffered from this condition. It is an unusual occurrence when the hair is constructed in such a way that it is practically impossible to comb.

This trait usually manifests itself in early childhood, when the hair turns silvery or straw-colored.

Sheela has blonde hair that sticks out in unusual directions and is gently curled, twisted, and playful.

Just couldn’t get them on. Doctors believe that by the time they reach adolescence, they should «lay down,» but no one knows for sure.

The kid was born with ordinary dark hair, according to Celeste, and at three months old, light «needles» began to pierce them. The ancestors’ hair began to thin, and «needles» began to grow in its stead. The most remarkable aspect of these «needles» is that they clearly grew at a right angle to the cranium and became lighter and lighter over time.

Schiele’s hair stopped growing when he was two years old, after reaching its current length. Doctors state that «uncombable hair syndrome» is more commonly inherited, however, the Calvert-Yin family does not have any relatives with this sort of hair, despite realizing that with Shila’s birth, this is theoretically feasible.

The baby noticed her hair was different from other people’s when she was about 4 years old. Even then, she began to attract a lot of attention from both children and adults, which upset her.

Sheila finally learned to enjoy her hair and now feels distinctive thanks to the support of family and friends.

According to Celeste, she regularly likened herself to unicorns, saying that they are as unique and special as she is. Sheela is a confident woman, and her hair complements her well.

Passers-by continued to notice the girl with the unusual haircut; occasionally, they made comments about it or touched her hair without her permission, which Shila did not appreciate.

«We now strive not to become irritated in these situations, but to communicate about uncombable hair syndrome’ so that as many people as possible learn about this oddity,» my mother says. Most people think we’re joking at first, but when we say, «Google it,» they realize we’re not.

Such hair demands a lot of upkeep. Sheela despises the morning combing routine, which takes at least 20 minutes. Celeste tries to lay down her hair with a comb with unusual teeth and various sprays. As a result of the drying process, her hair becomes fluffy like a dandelion, which she adores when her father does it.

Her parents created a social media account for her so she wouldn’t feel self-conscious, and it already has thousands of followers.

Celeste claims that «Sheila no longer feels lonely because of social media; she knows there are still people on this planet with the same hair as her.»

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