Mother Sacrifices ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Audition for Her Daughter: WATCH

A mother on «Britain’s Got Talent» gave up her own audition to allow her daughter to perform, in a heartwarming variation on the standard talent show format. Claire Connolly, a 33-year-old mother from Liverpool, startled both the judges and the audience when she walked up and said that her daughter Tia would be performing. Connolly added that Tia had helped her through difficult times, and she wanted to give her daughter a chance to shine.

Tia, who hadn’t planned on performing, approached the stage and sang Whitney Houston’s «I Didn’t Know My Own Strength.» Her strong performance drew the crowd to their feet, and all four judges unanimously voted «YES!» Tia’s mother watched from the sidelines, beaming with pride, and the moment was a moving reminder of the love and sacrifice that parents make for their children.

Overall, the «Britain’s Got Talent» audition showcased a mother’s selflessness and a daughter’s talent. Claire Connolly’s choice to forego her own opportunity to perform in order to give her daughter a chance to shine was an encouragement to parents everywhere. Tia’s heartfelt and gorgeous rendition of a Whitney Houston classic was a tribute to her mother’s love and support. It was an unexpected, uplifting, and amazing moment.

Watch the video below:

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