Barber’s Funny Game: Breaking Hearts and Cutting Hair for Special Needs VIDEO: Kid Goes Viral

Many people’s hearts have been won over by a barber in Cincinnati because of his altruistic deeds for his neighborhood. This generous man runs a program called GIFTED that provides free haircuts to any local kids with special needs. But what captures the world’s attention is the relationship he has formed with Ellison, a young boy of seven.

Ellison is a happy young man who has had three open-heart surgery and has been identified as having Down’s syndrome. Despite the difficulties posed by his condition, Ellison never gives up. Shortly after first meeting Ellison, the barber, Vernon Jackson, was struck by his contagious enthusiasm and wanted to make sure he felt at ease while getting his haircuts. Vernon gave Ellison some straightforward instructions, and the result was a hilarious game that has since gone popular on TikTok.

The video shows Vernon giving Ellison a haircut, and at any point that Ellison needed a break or wanted him to stop, he was to say “stop” and then “go” when he was ready for Vernon to continue. Ellison turned this into a game, and the two were laughing uncontrollably, creating a heartwarming moment that captured the world’s attention.

Ellison’s mother, Julie Eubanks, expressed her gratitude towards Vernon and hopes that this will help people see that everyone is unique and wants to be included. It is clear from the video that these two have developed a special bond, and it is heartwarming to see the impact that this program and Vernon have had on the community.

Vernon’s deeds serve as a reminder that often the smallest deeds of compassion can have the greatest impact. We expect to witness more touching instances like these in the future because of the barber’s generosity and affection for his neighborhood.

View the popular video here:

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