Grandma’s Hair-Coloring Adventure: The Funny Video That Went Around the Internet

With good cause, Betty Mae Jinright has become a viral hit. Betty Mae decided to be Kourtnee Jinright’s «guinea pig» when she was asked to take part in a hair coloring competition for Pulp Riot by her granddaughter. Kourtnee is shown dyeing Betty Mae’s hair in vivid, bright colors of green, purple, blue, and red in a video that has amassed over a million views as of this writing. Betty Mae’s laughing gets louder and more contagious with each new hue.

Betty Mae’s unbridled excitement at the situation is what makes the video so wonderful. She feels as though she is on the nicest roller coaster she has ever been on. And the entire globe is traveling with us thanks to Kourtnee’s video. People from all around the world have been delighted by the film, and many of them have posted comments expressing their joy and appreciation for Betty Mae’s spirit.

It is evident that Betty Mae’s desire to support her granddaughter led her to agree to take part in the hair coloring competition. As Kourtnee remarked in an interview with «Good Morning America,» «My grandmother would do anything for her grandbabies to help them out in their career.» One of the reasons Betty Mae has gained so much popularity online is probably the fact that many people can connect to and appreciate this kind of love and support.

The film was made with the intention of entering a contest for hair coloring, but it has since developed a life of its own. When people need a reminder that they can find joy and humor despite adversity, they can look to Betty Mae’s contagious laughter, which has evolved into a symbol of joy and fortitude.

Check out the amusing video here, and don’t forget to share it on Facebook with your loved ones.

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