Dancers begin to move on the floor, but all eyes are on the girl in the striped shirt because…

She certainly made a statement!

Outdated trends do not become well-known hits by chance.

even in automobiles, music, movies, and fashion! When people like remembering great works, certain of their favorites always come back.

The traditional 1920s dance, known for its fast footwork and hand motions, is making a resurgence. The Broadway play «Running Wild,» which contained James P. Johnson’s song «The Charleston,» was what originally garnered him fame in 1923.

Ksenia listed several dance moves she performed, including Happy Feet, the fundamental Charleston 20s step, Fall Off the Log, Over the Tops, and Triple Step. You can view her YouTube channel to learn how to achieve this.

People chose Ksenia’s team as the winner after voting closed on the challenge.

Here is the video:

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