His wife abandoned him and their five children. What they are doing currently

Sergei faced a terrible challenge at the age of 33 when his wife left him. The man had five children left in his arms, the youngest of whom was only two years old at the time. Today we will tell you a story about a father who did not desert his children and did everything he could for them.

The motherless family was forced to live in a small room in an old dilapidated house, which was blocked by cabinets. Sergei was in charge of all family tasks, including washing, cooking, and lessons, and he entirely replaced the children’s mother, who was finally stripped of parental rights!

The media quickly learned about the single father. Journalists brought snacks and groceries to Sergey, but it turned out that there were no microwaves in the house to warm up the food; it was a luxury for the family. Sergey was invited to a TV show to find a bride for our hero.

Later, he met Daria, a stunning 26-year-old Estonian woman anxious to move from her modest backyard flat to a house with no rules. But it didn’t work out since the father didn’t have time to think about love because he needed to fix his crumbling house and catch up with his children.

However, this narrative was eventually discovered by Yulia, a 27-year-old girl from the Moscow region. She is a stunning blonde who is not afraid of adversity, and despite the fact that she does not have children of her own, she readily makes contact with Sergei’s.

After the release of the program, many people began to transfer money to help this family. After a while, Sergei and Yulia got married, and in March 2018, their sixth child was born. We wish happiness and prosperity to this wonderful family!

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