Jonathan Winters and Johnny Carson have the audience in floods of laughter during their improvisation… Watch it right here!

The guests on «The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson» were well-known for their sense of humor. Johnny began to appear to relish playing out of character and laughing along with his visitors over time. Even Carson’s audience approved!

Johnny and the audience were delighted by comedian Jonathan Winters in 1976. Carson introduces Johnny Winters, who claims to have known him for a long time. They first met on «The Jack Parr Morning Show.»

Winters is applauded by the audience while standing. He begins to crack jokes and make facial movements that cause them to giggle uncontrollably. Winters recalls climbing the barn with the birds as a child and making noises, which made him appear weird.

He worked on a farm for the first seven years of his life, shucking maize and wheat for money. He made $25 in three months and used it to buy a bicycle.

Johnny can’t stop giggling at Winters’ performance. He has a quick wit and is always ready to deliver a joke! He begins one story by telling Carson that it will be «semi-funny»!

But it was his mimicry that really stole the show. He makes humorous campaign pledges in which he parodies current politicians, and Carson interviews him while the two comedians engage improvisedly.

Watching these two brilliant comedians chat for more than fifteen minutes is quite fascinating. The fact that their improvisation is spontaneous adds to the comedy value of their performance.

Here’s a link to the video.

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