These Conjoined Twins Complete Pre-Kindergarten. WATCH HOW THEY APPEAR NOW!

These Conjoined Twins Complete Pre-Kindergarten. WATCH HOW THEY APPEAR NOW!

Being a parent is not easy. Having a child entails accepting and fighting for them in the face of adversity. Michelle Brantley and Bryan Mirabal were told in 2014 that their twin sons were conjoined at the sternum and that their lives were in jeopardy, therefore they were offered the option to terminate the pregnancy.

Carter and Conner Mirabal were born on December 12, 2014, after the couple decided not to have children. The liver, intestines, and abdominal wall of the twins were identical. They spent 5 months in the NICU after surviving their original organ repair surgery so they could have separation surgery!

In May 2015, a team of 17 surgeons and staff scrubbed in for their separation surgery. On Friday, May 6, 2016, Carter finally went home to join Conner and his parents. The only surviving conjoined twins from Jacksonville lived happy years with their families. In May 2020, the brave twins celebrated their pre-kindergarten graduation.

Despite the family’s best attempts to provide the twins with a normal life, there are still difficult times ahead. «Conner just keeps waking up crying, telling us his back hurts,» their parents wrote in a prayer request in January. Carter, on the other hand, wishes to rip everything off himself. He’s become a little more irritated.»

Carter and Conner had gastric tubes in their bodies until recently, but their physicians experimented with removing them in October, and they both performed well.

The doctors said that if they don’t lose weight, the twins may be able to go without their gastrointestinal tubes for the foreseeable future and be able to spend more happy moments with their families.

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