The Fantastic Moment Johnny Cash Surprised A Fan Who Was Sick And Couldn’t Attend A Concert

Keith Flemming adored Johnny Cash. But after being diagnosed with cancer, he was too sick to attend the singer’s show. So the Man in Black delivered the music to him!

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns that take us to places we never thought to go. Unfortunately, sickness and disease are frequently part of that journey. It’s a sad and tragic aspect of life.
A fan’s surprise cancer diagnosis prompted famed country musician Johnny Cash to pay a visit to a fan in the hospital.

According to the video, Keith Flemming, an Australian, had booked tickets to see The Highwaymen perform live. Keith had every intention of seeing the supergroup but was unable to attend the performance.
Keith had been diagnosed with lung cancer and, due to his grave condition, was unable to leave his hospital room to see the group, which featured Johnny Cash.

So, realizing the situation and knowing Keith was a huge fan of Johnny’s, the «I Walk the Line» singer approached Keith.
According to the film, Johnny’s mother died a few months before the visit to see Keith, also from lung cancer.
A Special Visitor Pays a Visit to a Johnny Cash Fan
In the video, Johnny introduces himself, shakes Keith’s hand, and inquires about his well-being. Johnny then bends down and kisses the dying man on the cheek.

Johnny Cash then informs a fan that his absence from his event was noticed.
«Sorry you couldn’t make the show,» Johnny apologizes. «We missed ya.»
But Johnny’s generous comments weren’t the only thing he did for the ailing man. Johnny even performed a private concert for Keith, singing a handful of songs specifically for him.

Johnny’s thoughtful gesture and heartfelt remarks most certainly meant the world to Keith and his family.

4:32 Ephesians «Be kind to one another, full of pity, having forgiveness for one another, even as God in Christ had forgiveness for you.»

WATCH: A Johnny Cash fan receives a surprise visit in the hospital.

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