Keith Urban Performs for a Fan in Her Hospital Room When She Can’t Attend a Concert

Doctors warn Marissa English, 25, doesn’t have much time left. Her poor health meant she would have to miss Keith Urban’s impending concert in her hometown. That’s when her loving caregivers made a desperate social media plea to gain the singer’s attention.

Marissa English has been struggling for her life from the day she was born. She was born with significant health issues, including cerebral palsy, severe scoliosis, and a brain cyst.

Marissa is a major Keith Urban fan, and she got tickets to see him in Toledo, Ohio. However, when the 25-year-old’s health began to deteriorate, she was forced to cancel the event.

Keith Urban Gives A Last Performance For A Dying Fan

«Go home and enjoy her for at least a year.» «That could be the last time you have her,» doctors informed the girl’s mother.

Marissa’s nurses decided to step in and try to make the young girl’s wishes come true.

Marissa’s loving nurses couldn’t bear the thought of her darling girl missing the concert. She was too unwell to attend the performance. But, the nurses reasoned, they might be able to get Keith Urban to come to her.

«We knew how important it was for Marissa to be at that concert,» nurse Jan Cassity explained. «Since she wasn’t able to, we were hoping to try and find some way to have Keith make a connection with her.»

Nurses Start Campaign For Dying Keith Urban Fan
Marissa’s nurses turned to social media and pled their case.

The nurses’ post got hundreds of retweets. And it worked in getting the country star’s attention. Keith Urban surprised his “number one” fan, Marissa English, at the hospital before his concert in Toledo!

Keith is no stranger to treating his fans well. He seems to love brightening their day with wonderful surprises. He sang ‘Amazing Grace’ with his wife, Nicole Kidman when they were visiting a hospital a few years back. He’s also known for pulling a fan on stage with him to play guitar with him when he noticed the man’s sign.

And now, he made Marissa’s dreams come true with his special bedside performance. He also dedicated his concert that night to the huge Keith Urban fan. And we just love it when celebrities take time out to bless others!

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