A touching moment When a young girl meets her baby cousin for the first time, she cannot hold back her tears.

If you don’t want to have children or are considering not having any more, you might want to go on to something else.

One of the most lovely things we’ve ever seen is a small girl meeting and holding her infant cousin for the first time. She softly kisses the infant and then begins to cry. This gentle, loving little girl will make an excellent mother one day.

This is the wonderful moment a small girl couldn’t hold back her tears when she first met her infant cousin.

The video was shot in Simi Valley, California, and featured a young girl sitting on a sofa in a sitting room.

Two pillows were placed in her lap in preparation for her meeting her new cousin, who was in the arms of a woman next to her.

The infant, who screamed slightly as a result of the movement, was then placed in the lap of her cousin.

As she cuddled the infant, the little girl kissed the baby’s forehead and rubbed their noses together.

But she was quickly struck with emotion as she glanced down at the newcomer, tears streaming from her eyes.

As they were kissed on the forehead again, the infant curled up in her lap, wiggling their fingers.

The small girl looked on in astonishment as her new cousin yawned and scrunched their eyes, shrieking softly in her lap.

But the overwhelmed toddler simply smiled at the infant as they sat back down and fell asleep.

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