During a football game, a Bald Eagle lands on a stunned fan.

On Saturday, football fans at the Cotton Bowl were treated to a spectacular sight as a bald eagle landed on two of them!

Clark is an eagle who was flown in to circle AT&T Stadium and land on the field in Arlington, Texas, to kick off the College Football Playoff semi-final game between Clemson and Notre Dame. However, things did not proceed quite as planned! Clark was brought in and instead of flying about the stadium, he landed on a male Notre Dame fan, much to everyone’s amazement!
Clark then flew over to another Notre Dame supporter and landed on him as well, where he remained until his trainer, Daniel Cone, arrived to pick him up. Fans were completely taken aback by what the eagle accomplished!

Clark grew up at the World Bird Sanctuary outside St. Louis, Missouri. He couldn’t be released into the wild because of a defect in the scales of his talons, so he was placed in the center’s flight-training program. Clark is now one of their flying ambassadors, which allows him to travel all over the world for them!

«While Clark’s flight at the Cotton Bowl did not go as planned today, he is safe and sound,» the World Bird Sanctuary tweeted. «He gave it his all in this very large, new, and busy place, and is now relaxing with us and enjoying his planned victory meal.» He will always be our champion!»

This was a football game that no one in attendance will ever forget!

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