Bindi Irwin’s «Dirty Dancing» Routine Is An Outstanding Tribute To Patrick Swayze.

Bindi Irwin performed a «Dirty Dancing» routine on «Dancing with the Stars.»
Bindi Irwin is best known as the Crocodile Hunter’s daughter, but did you know she’s also an accomplished dancer? She wowed the audience with this incredible Dirty Dancing tribute to Patrick Swayze.

During this routine, she collaborated with Derek Hough. When the legendary song began to play, the audience went insane! The movie was recently remade for television. Dirty Dancing aficionados were dissatisfied with the film. They did, however, enjoy Bindi’s performance.

This, among other things, helped her win the 2015 season of Dancing with the Stars.
Watch the video below to see them practicing for their performance. Remember the scene at the lake? That lift appeared to be impossible.

Jennifer Grey appears out of nowhere! Bindi is obviously star-struck. The pressure is on with one of the iconic movie actors present!

Bindi and Derek attempt and fail numerous times. These two, on the other hand, have it covered. They worked tirelessly to prepare for that moment, and it paid off.

Bindi is adequately attired. Her gown is quite identical to the one worn by Jennifer Grey in the film. She’s even got her hair done in the style of the 1980s.
You can see their delight in the video. It’s evident that these two enjoy the film.
The performance has begun. The audience claps along with the music as they dance together. As they nail each and every move, the pair can feel their encouragement. Finally, the audience was astounded.

The pair should be pleased with their work.
I’m sure Patrick Swayze would be pleased as well.

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