Here’s Why Pierce Brosnan and His Wife Are True Relationship Goals.

Pierce Brosnan and his wife Keely Shaye Smith are living proof that real love exists. Despite the fact that they’ve been married for 21 years, they’re the personification of lovebirds. They still appear to be in love with each other, and you can tell just by looking at them that they adore each other. So, let’s learn a little bit more about this fantastic couple and why we think they’re #relationshipgoals.

1. Pierce is married for the second time. His first wife died of cancer, which devastated him. When he met Keely three years later, he was still in sorrow for her. He claimed that they hit it off right away and spent their first date conversing into the early hours of the morning. The best part about meeting Keely was that she encouraged him to mourn and go through the process rather than distracting him.

2. Pierce has mentioned that Keely’s strength and emotional support really got him through some tough times. Supporting each other in times of need is a really important part of any relationship. So we think the fact that Pierce credits Kelly with being his biggest supporter and being a very compassionate wife means that not only are they good at supporting each other but also that Pierce appreciates it a lot. And appreciation is also a skill that does wonders for relationships.

3. It is critical to make time for each other and discover methods to spend time together. Pierce missed seeing Keely all the time when they first started dating, so he would frequently mail her tickets to come see him. Even after more than two decades of marriage, they still take modest weekend excursions together to spend quality time together. And it shows, because whenever you see those two together, they’re usually hugging, kissing, or seeming utterly smitten with each other. It’s actually rather pleasant to witness a Hollywood couple who, even after 20 years, doesn’t shy away from public shows of affection and doesn’t mind looking like fools in love.

4. In a relationship, trust and a sense of humor go a long way. Pierce is a really attractive man, and he frequently receives roles in which he makes out with other actresses. You’d think Keely would be envious, but she’s actually pretty cool about it. She’s got a nice sense of humour about it, and she absolutely trusts her man. So all of those on-screen romances had no bearing on their marriage. In fact, Keely revealed that she understands why people find her husband so attractive; it’s not simply his appearance, but also the fact that he actually values women. But she knows that she is the only woman in his life, therefore she has nothing to worry about.

5. And just in case you were wondering just how devoted Pierce is to his wife – he wore his wedding ring and a watch that Keely bought him in his latest movie Black Adam. When asked in an interview on the red carpet about this, Keely said that it meant a lot to her that he chose to take these mementos of their relationship with him, even into the world of the supernatural and fantastical.

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