Gifted Minds Can Identify the «Y» in Under Thirty Seconds

How concentrated is your mind? These basic learning games are enjoyable for all ages and improve your logical and visual skills. Simply look for the odd one out in the photo — in this case, look for the «Y.» It’s more difficult than you think, and you only have one minute to solve it. How much time will it take you?

If you get stuck, you can scroll down to see the solution. Don’t worry, we’ve designed a number of quizzes for you to try again if you fail.
Are you up for the task? Let’s get started! Set the timer for 30 seconds.

QUIZ 1: Can you find the «y» in less than 30 seconds?

Did you do it? If you struggled, don’t worry — practice makes perfect. We have more tests if you scroll down.
But now, let’s first check the solution right below.


Did you get it right without looking? Awesome, now let’s go on to the second one.

QUIZ 2: Let’s try it again. 30 Seconds on the clock

Did you find it faster this time? Let’s see. Scroll down for the solution


There you have it! Now let’s step it up a notch; can you find the next one in 20 seconds?

QUIZ 3: Can you do it in 20 seconds?

The time is ticking..Did you make it in 20 seconds?


Awesome! Excellent work! Let us now sharpen your mind for today and challenge you even further. Let’s get this over within 15 seconds or less. Are you prepared for the final test? Let’s get started!

QUIZ 4: Find the «Y» within 15 seconds!

Go for it!! No peeking


Did you make it in time? Are you happy with your own results?
Many people have seen an increase of their metnal speed and attentiveness during this series of quizzes. Did you notice something as well?
We’d love to know in the comments.

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