A young girl was born with an uncommon disease that causes dark patches all over her skin… His parents’ reaction to their child will astound you…

A happy and healthy baby Jireh Robinson was born in June 2021 to Toneka and Justin Robinson, both 32 years old and from Dallas, Texas. Doctors advised the family that the problem was merely superficial and not harmful in and of itself, but it did increase the chance of skin cancer.

This lovely baby girl was born with a peculiar disease that caused her skin to become dark all over.

Toneka Rogers Robinson, 32, is a quality analyst from Dallas, Texas, and her husband, Justin, 34, is an entrepreneur. They met in high school and had been married for 17 years before Jireh was born.

Toneka visited her doctor on a regular basis while pregnant and had a variety of tests to ensure that everything was in order.

Jireh was born in June 2021, healthy and cheerful, but her parents were first concerned since she had dark blotches all over her skin.

Their doctors promptly informed Toneka and Justin that the marks were merely on the surface. Jireh was in fantastic shape.

Jireh was discovered to have Congenital Melanocytic Nevus (CMN), which are pigmented (melanocytic) skin growths that are visible at birth.

The disease is not passed down from generation to generation. Instead, it is produced by abnormal pigment cell development during the first three months of pregnancy.

This disease affects about 1% of all infants worldwide. If you have this condition, you are more prone to get melanoma.

Toneka and Justin began posting images of their baby Jireh on Instagram in order to keep family members informed. However, Jireh’s distinct appearance drew attention, and her Instagram account, @ jirehjoy_, currently has over 7,000 followers.

Jireh will grow up in a world that is becoming more accepting of differences, which makes the pair pleased.

«I’ve known Justin since we were in high school. «We were together for nine years before we married eight years ago in February,» Toneka explained. We married in 2013 and relocated to Dallas after attending college and working in different places. We found out we were expecting our first child, a girl called Justice, in 2019. She was born prematurely, at 28 weeks, but her prognosis was positive, and doctors believed she would recover.

We had not expected to lose her at the age of four weeks. We found out we were expecting Jireh five months later.
Even though we were still heartbroken, we began preparing for a high-risk pregnancy. I underwent numerous checkups and testing to ensure that this pregnancy was safe. Jireh was born via scheduled cesarean section at 38 weeks and 2 days. My spouse saw her before I did since the operation screen was brought up. The first thing he said was, «What’s that on her face?»

Toneka and Justin want to keep telling Jireh that her skin is lovely, and they are relieved that others agree.

«I’m not as concerned as I would have been if she had been born when we were.» I can’t recall of any classmates who had visible skin concerns. I spoke with a few parents whose children have comparable illnesses and inquired about their lives.

I feel like she will not feel alone,” Toneka said.

“Inclusion and accepting differences are very important to the people of today. So many stars, like Winnie Harlow and Seal, have different-colored skin. They are still liked for what they can do.

“I’m sure she’ll hear some not-so-nice things, but her confidence will be strong enough to handle it. Most adults who are interested will ask about her skin, and we don’t mind telling them about it. I had a neighbor’s kid tell me that she looked gross, but I didn’t say anything at the time. I talked to his mom about it later.”

CMS is just one of those things. It doesn’t tell you anything about Jireh or make her less important than anyone else.

“I have a lot of hopes for her. I hope we can be the best parents for her and give her everything she wants. I talk about it with her. I treat her like any other kid, since she is just like any other kid.” she said.

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