Grandma disclosed the wonderful fact when a couple were born on the same day in the same hospital.

There are certain couples who feel a connection from the moment they meet. Whether you believe in fate or not, there are several stories of couples who believed they had found their soul mate.

Jessica Gomez and Aron Bairos went to competing schools in Massachusetts, but it wasn’t until common acquaintances introduced them that they realized they had a close connection.

They began dating not long after meeting. They married after 9 years of dating.

But it wasn’t until years later that something about their past was found and shared that astonished them both.

Jessica stated that she noticed something strange about Aron the moment she met him.

«He treated me with dignity and made me laugh,» she explained. «He’s still hilarious to me! Nobody else is capable of doing it. We both recognized right away that we were a good match».

The two were surprised to find out they were born on the same date.

«I did not believe it at first when he told me he had the same date of birth. It was crazy. I thought he was trying to fool me and conquer my heart», Jessica said.

But after Jessica’s grandmother did some research work she found out they were also born in the same hospital.

Another research revealed more crazy coincidences.

It turns out that Jessica and Aron were the only babies born in the hospital that day, with only two hours separating them.

Because they were the only babies, their parents met on the day they were born and got to know each other.

It turns out that 27 years since they were babies, they first met.

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