BREATHTAKING Audition! Everyone is in tears as a little Ukrainian refugee wins the GOLDEN BUZZER!!!

The initiative «Spain is looking for talent» featured an 8-year-old Ukrainian girl named Zlata Khomenko in the casting, who moved the judges to tears.

8-year-old Ukrainian refugee Zlata Khomenko has judges in tears with  beautiful dance - The Music Man

Zlata Khomenko, an 8-year-old Ukrainian girl, auditioned for the show «Got Talent Espaa» (which translates as «Spain is looking for talent»). Zlata was there with her mother and dance instructor Jose Antonio Chec. He stated that Zlata and her mother are Ukrainian immigrants who were allowed into his dance school based on recommendations.

Young Ukrainian Refugee Earns Golden Buzzer After Emotional Dance Audition  - Inspirational Videos

Before announcing her number, Zlata presented herself as a Ukrainian woman who dedicates her dance to all Ukrainian youth:

«I’ll dance for all of Ukraine’s children.» «I dedicate my performance to Ukraine,» Zlata said on stage, fighting back tears. This speech moved the members.

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