A restaurant writes ‘Happy Birthday’ in Braille for a blind woman, and she bursts into tears.

Check out this incredible act of generosity when a restaurant wrote «Happy Birthday» in braille for one of their blind visitors.

Blind TikTok musician moved to tears by restaurant's kind gesture | Daily  Mail Online

Natalie Te Paa, a blind singer-songwriter, spent her birthday in London with her friend Claire Sara. The two agreed to go out to eat at a restaurant named Luciano. What transpired after they finished their lunch startled both of them. Natalie was given a plate with the words «Happy Birthday» inscribed in Braille using chocolate by the restaurant employees!

«There’s no way! «They didn’t!» Natalie exclaimed as she felt the raised chocolate spots with her palms. «Oh my goodness! Are you serious? That is completely ridiculous. Thank you a lot.»

Previously, when Natalie celebrated her birthday in a restaurant, the waiters sang to her, as they do for other birthday guests. But this was the first time a restaurant had made such a great effort to accommodate her disabilities. The employees went out of their way to celebrate Natalie’s birthday, from researching how to write the message in Braille to making sure the chocolate was cold enough not to melt when Natalie touched it.

Restaurant Surprises Blind Diner With Happy Birthday in Braille

Claire, Natalie’s friend, recorded the wonderful event and posted it online. The poignant incident went viral, with the video collecting over 16 million views and 4.3 million likes.

Restaurant Sends Blind Woman a Chocolate Braille Happy Birthday Message -  BlogNews

«The fact that people have responded so much and so well to it just shows how much the world needs kindness right now, how much the world needs a message of hope, needs to see people doing things and going above and beyond for each other,» Natasha said.

The birthday girl goes on to say that she hopes the video will spark a bigger dialogue about inclusivity.

«It’s not easy to be blind.» There are many occasions when you face discrimination when you face situations that are demanding, tough, and difficult. So the fact that they did that for us really opened up a dialogue about awareness,» she explained. «We’ve had comments from restaurant owners and chefs being like, ‘I’ve never thought of this idea.'»

VIDEO: London restaurant surprises blind guest with birthday message  written in Braille

«We need to make it more inclusive for people of all disabilities,» she said. «Being able to learn how to get on the same level as the person in front of you.» All I could hope for is that one restaurant be inspired to make their service more accessible.»

What a lovely moment, and what a clever way to make this birthday girl feel special and included!

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