During a wrestling tournament, no one was singing the national anthem until a teen took the microphone and nailed it…

He performed the national anthem flawlessly despite never having practiced.

If you’ve ever tried to sing along to the American National Anthem, you know how difficult it can be to get every note right.

Imagine doing that in front of a large crowd!

Isaac Bryant, a junior in high school, gave it a shot when he was 17 years old, even though he had no intention of performing.

Although it’s a difficult job, someone has to do it.
Bryant’s ambition is to become a singer, to be fair. At a public occasion, you don’t just let anyone sing “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

But the remarkable thing about his solo is that it was inspired by a high school wrestling battle at Mechanicsburg High School in Ohio. Evidently, no one else was available to sing the national song.

Bryant stated, “They wanted someone to sing the national anthem, so I was like, ‘I’ll do it.
The adolescent decided to try it after some encouragement from a friend, and by any measure, he put on a strong performance.

He said, “I just sang from the bottom of my heart.”

Naturally, the news channels began calling his little Ohio town, where the adolescent grew up admiring country music, as soon as the video became viral (Hank Williams, in particular).
Soon after his spontaneous performance, Bryant received a gift from his mother. He was instructed to prepare to travel to John Glenn International Airport her.

The adolescent recounted to ABC 6/FOX 28 News, “She said you are going to be on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning, and we are leaving tonight.”

Bryant had never before sung the National Anthem in front of an audience, and his solo performance was giving him the opportunity to do so. But first, he surprised everyone with another performance at the airport.

He entertained bystanders on a guitar built by his grandfather, giving them something to speak about on their flights.

Later, he was asked to perform the national anthem once more, this time honoring Medal of Honor recipients in Washington, D.C.

Bryant reflected on his internet celebrity by saying, “At this point, it’s all just a dream come true.”

He is especially pleased that he was singing a patriotic song when his big moment occurred. And he delivered a message to individuals who are disappointed by the state of the world.

“I love America, so if you’re beginning to doubt it, hold onto hope,” he said.

Currently a student at Ohio State, Bryant is seeking a career in country music in addition to his academic studies.

Watch the video below:

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