Everyone’s heart was caught by a video of a child singing the national anthem with his father…

The United States of America’s official anthem is «The Star-Spangled Banner.» During the War of 1812, while imprisoned by the British on one of their ships during the Battle of Fort McHenry in Baltimore Harbor, Francis Scott Key composed this stirring song.

When he observed the American flag gloriously flying throughout the conflict, he realized the British had fallen and the US had won. With a heart full of patriotic pride, Key wrote the poem that would later be set to melody and grow to be such a beloved national anthem.

A proud American father and his small child share a touching moment of patriotism in this sweet duet. The Star-Spangled Banner’s wide range of notes makes it challenging for many adults to learn, yet this Dad seems unfazed by either the high or low notes.

His deep baritone resounds through the entire house. However, the adorable infant that was photographed is the star of the show.

This young child, who is pictured sitting in a highchair, appears to start paying close attention to Daddy nearly as soon as the song begins. This “chip off the old block” is unable to resist singing along with Dad!

The US government publicly recognized «The Star-Spangled Banner» in 1889. In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson hailed the song’s beauty once more. It was eventually designated as the national anthem of the United States by a congressional resolution in 1931.

Daddy sang the well-known lyrics, «Oh say, can you see, by the dawn’s early light?» As he finished singing the first few lines of the song, the baby’s excitement grew. When this lovely little artist begins softly tapping the highchair, the cutest baby-talk performance of the song ever recorded begins.

Amazingly, part of the baby’s singing sounds a lot like the lyrics of the song! We have no doubt that this outstanding duet will astound listeners everywhere! You can watch the infant start to become even more animated later on in the song, complete with maestro-like arm motions!

Dad’s booming voice reaches a crescendo as the baby imitates him. We simply adore the passionate singing from both of them!

The infant appears to be aware that this is the song’s conclusion when dad plays the high note on “rockets’ red glow.” You can tell that the enthusiasm is at an all-time high right now! Certainly, this infant is pleased to reside in the “country of the free and the home of the brave”!

Watch the lovely hilarious video below:

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