Garth Brooks abruptly exited the stage after noticing a woman holding a sign… You will be left speechless by what has been written…

At concerts, visitors typically see a slew of posters in an attempt to catch the attention of the playing musician.

People are notorious for attempting to identify their country music idols while Garth Brooks is singing, particularly during his performances.

Brooks is widely recognized as the king of country music, and for good reason. Everyone in the audience who is lucky enough to be there connects with his high-energy performances. One of these people was a petite old lady who was attending a Brooks concert in Lafayette, Louisiana.

When Brooks started asking folks in the Cajundome arena for song requests, the audience cheered. He glanced over at the woman holding a sign that read, “Elvis Was My Last Concert,” all of a sudden.

This original sign evidently delighted Brooks. Later, it came to light that the woman, Miss Laura, was there at the concert with her granddaughter and daughter. The three women were enjoying a special treat while out celebrating Miss Laura’s 89th birthday.

Brooks walked over to Miss Laura and said, “For an 89-year-old, you look great.” He then began singing the catchy “If Tomorrow Never Comes,” one of his most well-known songs. Miss Laura’s birthday would have been a success just on the basis of that. But Brooks went a step farther and gave the kind woman a unique gift.

Watch the video to see it:

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