On The Carol Burnett Show, Tim Conway cracked a joke that made Harvey Korman wet his pants. Check out the humorous video below for some entertainment.

Some moments in the history of television, like excellent wine, only get better with time. The comedic skit “The Dentist” from The Carol Burnett Show exemplifies this. It continues to make audiences laugh aloud generation after generation, solidifying its status as one of the funniest television moments ever.

In just eleven years, The Carol Burnett Show established a number of comedians as household names and garnered 25 Emmy Awards, eight Golden Globe Awards. It is still regarded as one of the most illustrious shows in television history.

Its most well-known and entertaining skit, «The Dentist,» starring comics Harvey Korman and Tim Conway, is still in use today. One of those scenes that you find it difficult to forget. Watching the act, Conway and Korman struggle to contain their laughter because it is so hilarious.

A terrible toothache is plaguing «The Dentist» patient Korman. When he visits the dentist on a Sunday, he learns that Conway, his normal dentist’s nephew, is covering for him.

Since he recently graduated from dental school, Korman will be the dentist’s first patient. The anxious dentist lies to his first client, telling him that during dental school, all he did was extract teeth on animals and receive Cs, in an effort to persuade him to leave or simply get a cleaning. Poor Korman, though, is in too much pain to care about any of the excuses.

Conway is forced to consult a manual in order to try to figure out how to extract his patient’s tooth. He mistakenly injects Novocain into his hand during the procedure. A series of funny mishaps are caused by the numb hand. The humor is so outrageous that Korman frequently covers his face to prevent breaking character.

Conway would subsequently admit that Korman was laughing so hard to himself during the scenario that he actually wet his pants. Oh, that’s funny. In addition, he would later admit that the skit was partially inspired by a military dentist he had actually met.

By the end of the comedy, everything save the patient’s mouth and the audience’s laughter was numb. You’ll have to wait to find out if the patient’s tooth is ever actually pulled out, however it’s obvious that the comedy is meant to make people chuckle.

Most people can relate to being made fun of for having a bad dentist experience, right? The Carrol Burnett Show was a family-friendly, non-partisan comedy program that ran from 1967 to 1978. It’s easy to see why this priceless relic from the early days of television continues to delight people of all ages.

Take a look at the amusing video below:

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