When he stood and led the kindergarten lunch prayer, this 3-year-old youngster won everyone’s hearts.

Young infants replicate all they see, as is well known. This young youngster has obviously spent time with intense prayer-ers based on his actions.
A youngster in a video praying some time ago became viral because he was so cute. In his classroom, the young child abruptly stood up to exercise his right to freedom of religion.

He then brought his hands together and lowered his head in prayer. Makhi Martin, a 3-year-old from Missouri, led his Pre-K class in prayer.
The small youngster closes his eyes and passionately prays for the meal he and his classmates are about to eat—despite the fact that his speech is still garbled.

He addresses God as the Father. He goes on to say that all boys and girls in the globe are blessed before ending.

As she sees the young child recite the prayer from memory as the teacher is filming, she is audibly filled with emotion. His parents have undoubtedly continued the custom of praying before meals.

When the entire class and the teacher repeat the prayer after him, it becomes even sweeter.
The toddler’s video received millions of views after being uploaded to YouTube. More than 400,000 people have liked it and commented in favor of the small boy and his request.

Just before the coronavirus pandemic began, the prayer appeared online. In January 2020, when no one knew what the year would hold, it circulated online.
Given the suffering that exists today, prayer is more important than ever. More kindhearted people who care about other people’s well-being are needed, like Makhi Martin.

Watch the cutest video below:

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