A coal miner in Kentucky left work early to attend a basketball game with his kid… Continue reading to find out what happened next…

Michael McGuire raced from a coal mine to the University of Kentucky’s Rupp Arena. He didn’t have time to shower after his shift, so he was completely covered in filth. He had to do something essential, though: watch a basketball game with his son.

A supporter snapped a photo of McGuire and his son while they were watching the game together, and it instantly went viral. The image moved even the men’s basketball coach of the University of Kentucky, John Calipari.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Calipari said the photo smacked him «right between the eyes» when it was sent to him. The coach shared the photo on Twitter, explaining why it moved him so much. «My family’s American dream began in a coal mine in Clarksburg, WV, so this picture hits home,» he stated in an email.

He stated that he intended to give the family VIP tickets and that after asking around, he was able to contact McGuire’s wife, Mollie.

He ran to be with his son and watch our squad after his shift, according to what I’ve heard. I’m not sure who this is, but he and his family will be treated like kings and queens at Rupp!!

Molly explained to Calipari that her husband was modest and hardworking. «This is difficult work, but he earns enough money there that I don’t have to.» And he’s a fantastic father. Mollie informed Calipari that he had done this numerous times.

When Calipari called McGuire’s father, the father explained that when his son was called into the office at work, he feared he had done something wrong. When he went in, though, everyone cheered for him.

McGuire was so eager to attend the game, according to Calipari, that «he was willing to leave without showering or changing, just get in his car, and go because he got out of the mine late.»

«That wasn’t the point at all. That’s why he came: he wanted to be with his son. «That’s why he did it,» the coach explained.

Calipari said that hotels have been calling to offer rooms since the picture went viral. There are calls from restaurants offering dinners. McGuire was even offered a car by a car lot.

“Isn’t it great for a quiet, humble guy like that to know that people appreciate him and what he stands for? Calipari said. “I’m grateful for that because it’s how my family got started in this country. In a coal mine in Clarksburg, West Virginia, the American dream began.

After seeing the picture for the first time, the coach said, “This one, I’m taking care of this guy and his family.”

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