You Won’t Believe What Happened After This Baby Was Turned Down by a Modeling Agency Due to His Special Needs.

Meagan Nash, an American mother, sent images of her kid to the children’s apparel manufacturer Oshkosh B’Gosh in the hopes that he would be picked as a model. Despite meeting all of the company’s height, hair, and eye color requirements, her kid was not chosen owing to his Down syndrome.

The Nash family, who live in Georgia, were overjoyed when Oshkosh B’Gosh launched their model search. Meagan, overjoyed, sent in photos of her 15-month-old son, Asher.

But the response she got was disheartening. Even after following up with company reps, she learned that Asher was not chosen for their upcoming campaign because he had special needs.

When she heard the words “we don’t want a baby with special needs,” it struck a chord. She was upset. Sure, not all kids can be models, but to reject her son solely due to his Down syndrome?

Meagan thought the company missed out on understanding the unique value Asher could have brought. Prompted by her disappointment, she decided to take action.

She posted Asher’s images to a Facebook group for children with Down syndrome. The photographs, taken by Crystal Barbee and showcasing Asher in a blue denim shirt and bow tie, quickly went viral.

She also wrote to Oshkosh B’Gosh, saying, «Let’s make a difference — share so they see Asher!» This adorable child is ready to teach the world what it actually means to «Change the Face of Beauty.»

Asher’s images had gotten hundreds of thousands of likes on Facebook at the time of the story.

In her blog post, she said, «We are partnering with Changing the Face of Beauty organization and attempting to persuade Oshkosh to consider Asher for their advertisements.» She emphasized that Asher had been rejected by a modeling agency, not Oshkosh.

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