American Idol Contestant Pays Tribute to Late Grandfather with ‘Go Rest High On That Mountain’ Performance: VIDEO

Megan Danielle, an American Idol contestant, performed a tribute to her late grandfather using her remarkable vocal powers and immense musical talent. With the battle down to only eight contestants, the remaining contestants must lift their game in order to garner enough votes and become the next American Idol.

Megan Danielle has continually developed her confidence, singing ability, and stage presence since her initial audition on American Idol. She has used her voice to sing songs of praise to the Lord, in addition to her own development.

In her most recent performance, Megan chose to sing Vince Gill’s “Go Rest High on that Mountain” as a way to honor her beloved grandfather, who had been a source of encouragement for her musical aspirations. After delivering the song, Megan took to Instagram to express her feelings, stating that it was one of her most challenging performances but a meaningful way to honor her late grandfather.

Megan once again gave a fantastic performance that captivated the audience. Her country/Christian music style, as well as her heartfelt rendering of the song’s moving lyrics, were a perfect complement. Within seconds of her performance, the audience erupted in joy, with some members of the studio shouting and clapping for the magnificent sounds emerging from the stage.

At the end of her performance, everyone in the room, including the judges, gave her a well-deserved and loud ovation of applause. Given that she had previously sang «Go Rest High on that Mountain» during her grandfather’s funeral, Megan’s ability to retain her calm throughout the song without breaking down in tears is quite astounding.

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