The baby’s emotional reaction to his mother’s singing has gone viral. Watch the Video Here.

Babies are known to have strong sensitivities to music, particularly when their mother sings. Baby Leland is no different. During breakfast, his mother sang the Chris Tomlin worship song ‘Good Good Father’ to him, and he was overcome with emotion and even shed some tears.

A woman’s link with her infant is deep, and babies frequently know what their mother is feeling before anyone else. When a mother speaks or sings, babies will often bend their bodies to view her and absorb all she says or sings. Baby Leland’s reaction to his mother’s singing demonstrated his affection for her and her great voice.

Mom videotaped Leland’s emotional reaction as she sang the bridge of the song: «Because you are perfect in all of your ways, You are perfect in all of your ways, You are perfect in all of your ways, You are perfect in all of your ways to us.» While Leland didn’t understand the words, the wonderful worship chant impacted him just as much as the rest of us.

Although no one wants to see a little one moved to tears, Leland’s emotional reaction to the worship song is just as adorable as his sweet smile. The power of music to touch our hearts and souls is undeniable, and it’s especially heartwarming to see it have such an impact on a little one like Baby Leland.

Watch the video here:

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