People begin to dance, but when the striped shirt girl begins to move, everyone turns to stare at her… View the video below…

She was the show’s main attraction.

Have you noticed that certain old trends are resurfacing?

It is most visible in clothing, but it may also be found in music, movies, and even automobiles. Some old favorites return whenever people wish to see them again.

The Charleston is one of these trends that is now making headlines on TikTok.

It was a popular dance in the 1920s because of how quickly the feet and arms moved. In 1923, James P. Johnson’s song “The Charleston,” which was in the Broadway musical “Running Wild,” made it popular.

They were dancing in the style of the Charleston. Ksenia said that she could do the Happy Feet, the Charleston 20s basic step, the Fall Off the Log, the Over the Tops, and the Triple Step. You can go to her YouTube Channel to learn how to do these things.

At the end of the challenge, people voted for Ksenia’s group as the winner.
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