VIRAL VIDEO: Baby Boy Moved to Tears as Mom Sings ‘Good Good Father’

Baby Leland likes it when his mother sings to him. As she began to serenade him with Chris Tomlin’s beloved worship anthem ‘Good Good Father’, this precious baby boy found himself overcome with the presence of the Spirit.

I can’t really blame him. This incredible song has resonated with people from all corners of the globe and it deeply impacted me from the moment I first listened to it.

“You’re a good good Father, It’s who you are, it’s who you are, it’s who you are, «And I’m loved by you, It’s who I am, it’s who I am, it’s who I am»

It’s fascinating how babies can have such powerful responses to music, and the deep connection they share with their mothers is truly remarkable. Whenever Mom speaks or sings, the little ones eagerly twist and turn to catch a glimpse of her. They have an insatiable desire to soak up every detail about Mom.

It’s fascinating how babies have an innate ability to sense and understand emotions, often perceiving what others may not. This adorable little guy clearly adores his Mom and enjoys listening to her lovely voice. We couldn’t help but smile as we watched Baby Leland happily enjoying his mealtime, accompanied by his mom’s beautiful singing.

Desiring to immortalize this precious moment in Leland’s life, Mom began recording as she serenaded her adorable boy with a beloved worship song by Chris Tomlin, «Good Good Father.» This song has such a powerful impact on us that it never fails to bring tears to our eyes whenever we sing it in church. It was evident that Leland was also deeply moved as Mom carried on singing through the bridge of the song. That’s when we witness the adorable little guy’s eyes starting to fill with tears. Soon enough, Leland’s endearing smile gave way to a wave of heartfelt emotions. He was completely immersed in Mom’s singing, and even though he may not comprehend the lyrics, precious Baby Leland was just as touched by this heartfelt worship melody as the rest of us.

I absolutely adore the endearing expression on his face as she beautifully sings the heartfelt words of this praise. It’s heartwarming to witness Baby Leland’s adorable reaction, even though no one wants to see a little one in tears.

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