Dolly Parton’s Path: From Childless to Miley Cyrus’s Supportive ‘Fairy Godmother.’ Everything You Need to Know About Their Relationship and More.

In 1984, Dolly Parton discovered that she was unable to have children.

Parton formed a close bond with pop singer Miley Cyrus, taking on a protective role as her godmother.
The two have a unique connection that has led them to express affectionate words towards each other and provide mutual support in their professional endeavors.

Dolly Parton and her husband, Carl Thomas Dean, have been happily married for an impressive 57 years. The couple, who got married on May 30, 1966, do not have any children. Parton shared her reasons for not having children.

In 1982, the singer went through a difficult time when she suffered from severe abdominal bleeding, which led to the cancellation of her tour and the need for immediate medical attention. Once again, in 1984, Parton underwent a partial hysterectomy and received the heartbreaking news that she would never be able to have children with Dean.

This news had a profound impact on the singer, leading to a two-year period of depression and causing her to cut her work schedule. She acknowledged that the period was a challenging time for her, but she saw it as a divine message. She felt a strong sense that it was time to take a step back and address the challenges in her life.

Parton also said that God has a plan for everything and that she not having children was part of that plan so that other people’s children would become hers. However, she mentioned that before her health issues, she and her husband had talked about starting a family. The couple had pondered whether their children would inherit Thomas’ height or take after her shorter stature. They even decided on the name Carla for their future daughter.

Parton has come to terms with the fact that their aspiration to become parents didn’t come to pass. As they grew older, they discovered contentment in not pursuing parenthood.

Parton had a strong conviction that becoming a mother would have led her to sacrifice everything else. The guilt of going on tour and leaving her children at home would have been overwhelming. If the singer had become a parent, everything would have changed and she might not have achieved legendary status in country music. However, the singer had the opportunity to experience motherhood in a different capacity by becoming a godmother to a legendary pop singer.

Dolly Parton Plays a significant role in Miley Cyrus’ life. Parton and Cyrus showcased their strong connection when they performed a captivating duet of «Wrecking Ball» in 2023.

Parton became the godmother of Miley Cyrus due to her close friendship with Cyrus’s father, Billy Ray Cyrus. When Cyrus came into the world, her father and Parton made a special agreement — she would become the beloved goddaughter of the talented singer.

The 77-year-old embraced her role as Cyrus’ godmother with great dedication. Cyrus was just a child when she first began her role on «Hannah Montana.» At just 13 years old, her life took a remarkable turn as she found herself on the set, catapulting her into fame and fortune. However, she never succumbed to what she referred to as «New money syndrome,» as her godmother instilled in her the importance of staying true to oneself despite success.

Parton praised Cyrus for her performance on «Hannah Montana.» Cyrus, who affectionately refers to her godmother as «Aunt Dolly,» was the one who proposed that Parton join the show, and the country singer happily accepted the offer. She fondly remembered the moments they shared on the sitcom:

“Here I am, you know, Miley’s fairy godmother, and on the show and kind of sharing all that with her.”

The dynamic duo had incredible chemistry on the sitcom, and thanks to Cyrus, Parton gained a fresh wave of young fans who embraced her music. The singer of «Two Doors Down» expressed her admiration for Cyrus:

«As I observed her in action, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride, like a parent watching their child succeed. It was a heartwarming moment, knowing how far she had come.»

Cyrus attributes her grounded nature, respect for others, and habit of acknowledging everyone on set to the influence of Parton. Witnessing the way her godmother interacts with others, treating them with kindness and affection, serves as a powerful reminder to Cyrus and her family about the true priorities in life.

Dolly Parton not only imparts important life lessons to Cyrus, but she also serves as a protective and supportive figure in her life. When Cyrus made the decision to shed her child star image and embrace more provocative performances, Parton stepped up to defend her against her critics. She emphasized Cyrus’s development over time and praised her intelligence and talent.

Parton suggests that Cyrus was simply searching for her own path. Parton expressed her admiration for Cyrus, describing her as a talented singer and songwriter who is in the process of discovering her potential and spreading her wings.

The «Wildflowers» singer offered guidance to Cyrus regarding her career when she sought her advice, but she never reached out to discourage her from pursuing her own path. She was a strong advocate for Cyrus, offering unwavering support. Now, Cyrus is an incredible singer who has collaborated with Parton, and they have performed each other’s songs.

Exploring the Relationship Between Cyrus and Parton Now, Cyrus has never encountered someone who doesn’t adore their fairy godmother. She admires the singer for her remarkable career and views her as a source of inspiration because of her unwavering morals and values. The singer of «The Climb» expresses a heartfelt desire for everyone to have the opportunity to meet Parton and witness her incredible bravery. Parton has a magical presence that touches the lives of everyone around her, and Cyrus is delighted to introduce her to the world.

The singer recently celebrated her 30th birthday in 2023 and is now focused on creating music that truly resonates with her. She has moved past the stage of tirelessly proving others wrong.

In December 2022, Cyrus joined forces with Parton to co-host a TV special called «Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party: Legendary» on NBC. Cyrus, who has embarked on a new journey in her career and personal life, brought her unique energy to the event. The singer expressed her admiration for the special connection she shares with Dolly, emphasizing their genuine chemistry and undeniable bond that captivates audiences.

The pair’s bond is incredibly tight, so when Cyrus told Parton about her decision to go brunette, the country singer’s reaction was as if she had received the most devastating news imaginable. Parton expressed her disagreement to Cyrus, stating, «That’s not something you should do.» «You are me.» The singer made the choice to stick with being a blonde.

Parton and Cyrus showcased their strong connection when they performed a powerful duet of «Wrecking Ball» in 2023. Cyrus took to Instagram to announce the exciting news of their duet, expressing their gratitude for the country singer’s rendition of one of their songs. She expressed her affection for Aunt Dolly.

Parton responded to this post expressing her deep gratitude for the opportunity to sing alongside Cyrus and be in her presence. She spoke highly of the singer, calling her incredibly talented. She expressed her pride in their record, but emphasized that her relationship with Cyrus was what truly made her proud.

The two have been a source of support for each other’s careers, with Parton offering valuable guidance to her goddaughter. Parton also revealed that Cyrus and her are always complimentary to each other. This might «sound gushy» to some, but she thinks their friendship is «truly real.»

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