‘Black Alien’ Says He Used To Be A ‘Very Handsome Man’ Before Extreme Transformation. BEFORE PHOTOS

Black Alien’ has recently posted some photos showcasing his previous appearance before undergoing a remarkable transformation.

You might be familiar with Anthony Loffredo, also known as ‘Black Alien’, even if you don’t know his name.

This French individual who is passionate about body modification has gained significant attention online for his remarkable body transformations.

However, he has now chosen to share his appearance prior to his remarkable change.

Loffredo claims that he was once quite attractive.

The social media influencer has invested a significant amount of time and resources to attain his unique appearance.

He has a strong passion for tattoos, adorning much of his body and even his eyeballs with black ink.

He underwent extensive surgical procedures, which involved the removal of several body parts, such as his fingers, upper lip, and a portion of his nose.

Loffredo has also explored the intriguing practice of tongue splitting, resulting in a unique snake-like fork.

In a recent Instagram post, he proudly displayed his latest body modification: the word ‘alien’ intricately carved into his scalp.

Loffredo surprised his fans with the news that he is nearing the completion of his body modification journey…

He shared on the social media platform: «This project, to which I poured my heart, soul, and unwavering dedication, has lost its significance over time.

It’s surprising how much of an impact my project had on the world. I struggled to handle the attention and as a result, my project lost its original purpose.

“One thing is for sure I no longer want to touch my body or take anything off or put anything on, I am putting an end to the modification of my body for the moment I no longer like this world.

I’m going to complete my full black all over the body and leave it as is for now. Goodbye body modification.”

In an interview with the French paper Midi Libre, as reported by the New York Post, Loffredo explained the motivation behind his unique appearance. He expressed a lifelong fascination with the changes and alterations that can occur in the human body.

I had an interesting experience when I worked as a security guard. I came to the realization that I wasn’t living my life in alignment with my true desires. I abruptly halted everything at the age of 24 and embarked on a journey to Australia.

I thoroughly enjoy immersing myself in the mindset of a frightening character. I frequently find myself finding a spot to unwind and assume a persona, particularly during the nighttime in dimly lit streets… I explore the contrast between the role I play and myself.”

Nevertheless, it hasn’t been a smooth journey.

According to Indy100, he expresses his frustration with the job search, citing a lack of opportunities and an abundance of negative experiences. There are both positive and negative aspects to consider.

In a Channel 4 documentary, Loffredo candidly shares his appearance prior to his transformation.

Loffredo even shared a photo with filmmaker Arthur Bruel prior to starting his ‘Black Alien’ project.

«But you were quite the attractive individual,» Bruel responds.

“Very sexy guy,” Loffredo agrees.

He mentions that he felt content, but not comfortable in his own skin.

«But I haven’t changed at all!» «Same heart!» he continues. «However, the body in question is not my actual body.»

A viewer shares: «This documentary is absolutely captivating! At the start of the video, Anthony’s appearance caught me off guard, but as it progressed, his looks became irrelevant as I was captivated by the sincerity in his heart. And that’s the true essence of Anthony.

Another person shares a similar sentiment: «I was quite taken aback by his appearance initially!» He was such a handsome man, and it’s hard to fathom wanting to change his appearance. That’s me though. If he is content with himself, then good for him! He comes across as a genuinely kind person, and his personality is truly captivating. Great work!

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