Hilarious Pregnancy Reveal Gone Wrong Goes Viral

Prepare for a good laugh as we dive into a viral TikTok video that captures a pregnancy reveal gone hilariously wrong. But let’s start by introducing Liz Rose Short, the creative genius behind three adorable baby announcements. When it was time to welcome their first child, she decided to create a delightful scavenger hunt. And for their second little one, she opted for an adorable onesie. However, the third incident was filled with even more unintentional humor compared to the previous two…

With a flair for the unexpected, Liz arrived home and casually placed just one roll in the oven, planning to reveal her exciting news to her husband, Codie. Seems pretty foolproof initially, doesn’t it? As the day was winding down, Codie gently reminded his wife about their Target pickup for dinner. And just like that, Codie and the kids made it home before she did. It all started when Codie preheated the oven. The rest is just a history! Liz’s TikTok video, titled «When you mess up your pregnancy announcement by forgetting the bun in the oven,» gained immense popularity with a staggering 29.3 million views.

@lizroseshort Replying to @addy❤ Announcing our burnt roll 🤍🤍 #submarinefamily #pregnancyannouncement #milso #miltok #pregnant #pregnancyreveal #husbandwife ♬ original sound — Liz 🌸

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