Goose the Horse Gets ‘Stuck’ In The Snow (Again) In Viral Video. Laughter Guaranteed!

Meet Goose, the horse who recently became an internet sensation thanks to a hilarious incident that occurred during his snowy playtime.

In a TikTok video shared by the owner, Goose is shown wearing an equine coat to keep warm while lying on the snowy ground, visibly struggling to get back up. In a heartwarming display of determination, his mother refuses to let the snow defeat them. With unwavering resolve, she pulls and tugs at the rope until she manages to lift him up and get him back on his feet.

«It’s incredible to think that these were once our trusty steeds on the battlefield,» one commenter playfully remarked.

@thatmidwestcowgirl I love horses. #iowa #horses #relateable #gelding #fyp ♬ Everybody — Nicki Minaj

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