The Singer Started Singing “You Raise Me Up,” But It’s When 200 Children Joined Him That It Turned Into a Healing Song

A beautiful version of one of my all-time favorite songs, «You Raise Me Up,» was the subject of an article not long ago. Many singers and musicians have covered this song throughout the years.

Secret Garden is an Irish-Norwegian pair that inspired this song. They both wrote and performed the song. Then, in 2002, they sang this song with Brian Kennedy, who was at the time a UK minor pop artist.

This song only became a huge success in the US because to Josh Groban’s performance of it. Millions of people worldwide were inspired by the song as it rose to prominence and was often covered.

One of the key factors contributing to this song’s enormous success is its timeless and poignant lyrics. This song is so famous that it’s been used by multiple figure skaters, is the anthem of a Norwegian football club, and is often played on television.

As it is so touching, everyone may relate to it in terms of the individuals who fed, encouraged, and supported us throughout our trying times. They helped us achieve, and for that we are thankful; it’s something we now take for granted.

Peter Hollens, a popular YouTuber, recently performed this song. He sang the song by himself at first. Then a plethora of brilliant vocalists joined the tune.

Even though Peter’s singing is beautiful and strong by itself, the song is even more beautiful and moving when everyone sings together. All of them had angelic voices. They’re all singing a cappella for a rawer, more passionate sound.

Here’s where you can see the amazing video:

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