Billy Joel Makes an Unbelievable Announcement That Leaves the Fans Extremely Thrilled

Billy Joel is widely adored and has achieved remarkable success as a music artist. He has been delighting us with his incredible music and captivating performances for countless years.

However, Joel and his band have the incredible ability to captivate audiences with timeless favorites such as «Piano Man,» «Uptown Girl,» and «We Didn’t Start the Fire.» Despite their undeniable talent, it has been quite some time since the Grammy-winner has treated fans to any fresh tunes.

However, everything took a different turn recently as the musician revealed a significant update — his long-awaited new single after a 17-year absence!

Yesterday, Billy Joel excitedly shared the news of his upcoming single, «Turn the Lights Back On,» set to be released on February 1. You’ll be able to get your hands on it as a 7″ vinyl or stream it on all the top music platforms.

Described as Joel’s «first new single in decades,» this fresh release signifies Joel’s return to the solo music scene after a long absence. It is his first solo release since 2007’s «All My Life» and only his second since his retirement from songwriting in 1993, following the release of River of Dreams.

In the past thirty years, Joel has also put out some covers, duets, and a studio album of classical compositions called Fantasies & Delusions. However, new music from the iconic singer-songwriter has been quite scarce. This latest release is a delightful surprise for Piano Man enthusiasts.

In a recent press release by Columbia Records, they enthusiastically describe the new single as a nostalgic throwback to Billy Joel’s iconic style. They emphasize that the song perfectly captures his distinctive sound and marks an exciting new phase in his musical journey.

Fittingly, the song’s lyrics include Joel asking “Did I wait too long… to turn the lights back on?”

During a concert at Madison Square Garden on December 19, Joel gave fans a sneak peek of his new single. This performance was just one of many in his ongoing residency at the iconic NYC venue.

Despite the passage of time, Billy Joel continues to captivate audiences with his live performances, even though he hasn’t released new music in a while. Since 2014, he has been captivating audiences with his record-breaking monthly residency at Madison Square Garden. However, last year he made the bittersweet announcement that the residency would come to an end in July, after an impressive 150 shows. In addition, he continues to showcase his talents on stages across the globe.

It’s remarkable how Joel continues to hold his place as one of the top-selling artists in history, even with the lack of new releases in the past three decades. In fact, he stands as the fourth-best-selling solo artist in the United States, trailing only Garth Brooks, Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson.

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