Heartbreaking: Sofia Vergara Reveals the Reason She and Joe Manganiello Divorced: ‘It’s Not Fair’

In a recent revelation, Sofia Vergara opened up about the real cause of her divorce from Joe Manganiello, shedding light on the end of their seven-year marriage. The revelation came to light during a recent interview with the Spanish newspaper El País.

Vergara, who is 51 years old, revealed that she and her partner had different opinions when it came to having more children. In addition to her 32-year-old son from her previous marriage with Joe Gonzalez, the Modern Family star and Manganiello, 47, encountered a significant difference of opinion.

Vergara shared with the newspaper the reasons behind the end of her marriage. She revealed that the age difference between her and her husband played a significant role, as he desired to have children while she had reservations about becoming a parent at an older age. She expressed her concern for the well-being of a potential child, believing it would be unfair to bring them into the world under such circumstances. She expressed her admiration for individuals who decide to become parents at a later stage in life, but made it clear that it’s not a journey she desires to embark on anymore.

Reflecting on her age, Vergara shared, «I became a mother at 19, and now my son is 32. I’m at a stage where I’m excited to embrace the role of a grandmother, rather than being a mother again.» So, if love comes along, he must come with his own children. She expressed her excitement for a new chapter in life.

«I’m nearing menopause, which is a natural part of life,» she said, imagining a future where her son embraces fatherhood. In a lighthearted manner, she shared her perspective on being a grandmother, jokingly suggesting, «When my son becomes a dad, he can bring the baby to me for a little while, and then I’ll happily return it to him and continue with my own life; that’s just how things work.»

In July 2023, the former Hollywood couple made a formal announcement about their separation. They kindly asked for privacy as they embarked on this new chapter of their lives. Just two days later, Manganiello decided to file for divorce, citing «irreconcilable differences.»

Joe Manganiello has moved on, but Sofia Vergara brought up her single status during a recent appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The article wraps up by recognizing and appreciating Sofia Vergara’s decision, emphasizing that although some older parents are able to effectively care for young children, it may not be the right choice for everyone.

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