‘The Sound Of Music’ Actress Discusses Iconic Movie And Shares Some Good News on The Kelly Clarkson Show

In this captivating piece, actress Angela Cartwright opens up about her unforgettable journey working on the timeless classic «The Sound of Music» and the profound impact it has had on her life.

Many films released by Hollywood tend to fade from memory shortly after their theatrical release, rarely leaving a lasting impression. However, there are a handful of movies that, for some unknown reason, manage to endure. These books have stood the test of time, capturing the hearts of countless readers throughout the years.

These movies, such as «The Wizard of Oz,» «Casablanca,» and «Singin’ in the Rain,» belong to the elite group of timeless Hollywood films. One movie that has captured the hearts of many, and perhaps even more so than other films, is «The Sound of Music.»

Angela Cartwright, who portrayed Brigitta von Trapp, recently made an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, where she shared fascinating insights about her experience working on the film. She also mentioned that she and her castmates were completely unaware of the film’s future as a timeless classic.

«No, we were completely unaware,» Angela replied. It was such a fantastic time working on this film, and it truly was an unforgettable experience. Little did we know that, after nearly six decades, this movie would continue to thrive.»

As Angela pointed out, even years after the film was released, its influence continues to be felt. Kelly’s nightly routine with her children is a clear testament to this reality. Kelly mentioned that her 7-year-old son requests her to sing the «Do-Re-Mi» tune from the film every night.

In a recent clip, Kelly mentions that a collection of 40 never-before-heard songs from «The Sound of Music» will be available for purchase in February.

«That has never been done before,» Angela remarked. “This is just the soundtrack. It includes all the music from every scene, even the parts where we’re not singing. And thus, very few people have actually heard that except while on the go.»

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