Heartwrenching Collection of 20 Years of Voice Messages from Her Granddaughter Will Leave You in Tears

Prepare to be moved by a touching video that captures the beautiful bond between a grandmother and granddaughter over the course of twenty years.

Grandma cherished 18 voice messages from her granddaughter, capturing precious moments from the early years of childhood.

The video she shared is truly a remarkable work of art, evoking strong emotions and bringing to mind the heart-wrenching scene from the movie Interstellar. It reminds me of the moment when Cooper, after his interstellar journey, watches the messages from his children that he missed.

These voice messages beautifully capture the granddaughter’s journey from childhood to adulthood, from the excitement of getting her first scooter to the milestones of landing her first job.

«Hearing her voice mature over time really struck a chord with me…,» one person commented.

«This is incredibly special, it’s bringing tears to my eyes,» another person expressed.


♬ Stargazing (Slowed + Reverb) — Marcelo De Carvalho

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