Right Place at the Right Time: Bus Driver’s Quick Thinking Saves Child in Unrelated Incident

A bus driver in Florida is receiving widespread acclaim for her swift thinking and courageous efforts that rescued a third-grader from choking on a piece of candy.

Bus driver Mayrelyn Lopez, who was in charge of the little passengers’ safety, saw a commotion at the rear of the bus during the afternoon tour, which is when the incident happened. She quickly fixed the life-threatening problem.

On her way back to her seat, she couldn’t help but notice a third-grader who seemed to be in distress.

Lopez noticed that the boy’s face had taken on a concerning shade of purple, indicating that he was experiencing a choking incident. Without any hesitation, and caught on surveillance footage, Lopez immediately sprang into action, using the Heimlich Maneuver to remove the blockage from the boy’s throat.

During the interview, Lopez modestly revealed that she didn’t have a moment to fully comprehend the seriousness of the situation. Instead, her innate maternal instincts kicked in.

The thankful third-grader, now out of harm’s way, had a sincere message for his heroic bus driver.

«I am incredibly grateful for your help,» he said.

Check out the uplifting video below.

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