Nervous Talented Girl Earns Standing Ovation and Golden Buzzer with Her Stunning Performance

Eleana Gabunada, a talented 10-year-old from the Philippines, experienced a surge of emotions when she secured the golden buzzer on Asia’s Got Talent, thanks to her extraordinary singing ability. Dressed in a charming yellow outfit and wearing a shy smile, Eleana captivated the judges, particularly David Foster, a renowned record producer who couldn’t help but fall in love with her beautiful voice.

Taking the stage with grace, Eleana shared her dream of singing on Broadway when questioned about her future plans. Her song choice, «Rain On My Parade,» originally performed by Barbara Streisand, posed a challenging test for any artist. However, Eleana not only met but exceeded expectations, leaving the audience in awe of her vocal prowess.

Throughout her performance, Eleana’s face reflected the joy she found in singing, and her emotive movements conveyed the depth of her connection to the song. The audience, initially surprised by the incredible voice emanating from such a young performer, couldn’t resist cheering for her. Even the usually composed David Foster couldn’t contain his enthusiasm, clicking his fingers and bobbing his head in rhythm with the captivating performance.

Watch the amazing performance here:

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